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Bizbit.com is a spin off from DEBIZ ENTERPRISE (co. 001336230-P) that is purely concentrated in providing our customers flexible and convenient way to purchase software out of the box that is cheaper, useful yet powerful enough to increase productivity in their organizations or for individual productivity.

All products are carefully chosen from international renowned software manufacturers; programmed by dedicated and qualified team of software engineers. Each team member’s field experience and market research plays a important role in the selections before it being marketed in our website. Each individual product has been self-tested and proven in the field environment with multiple end-users before it is being released into the market.


Debiz Enterprise was established in 1999, our business mainly providing ‘Architectural’ & building project management services. And in 2001, Debiz Enterprise had been heavily involves in IT as part of daily working environment and as part of business diversification. The principal owner; Mr. Edward Koo took a chance and ride the IT tide during 2001 by venturing further into IT services; providing custom made computers for SME profiles and providing computer assembly courses to young students as well as senior retirees whom requires refreshment courses and for personal knowledge development.

In 2004, Debiz Enterprise ventured further into computer software trading and services. into WWW (World Wide Web) based. Hence BIZBIT.com was born and made online to cater both domestic and international market. We specialised into CAD solution softwares and has restructured to mainly concentrate in information technology (IT) software and hardware industries.

Towards end of 2006, another company ARCKIZEN Sdn Bhd was formed to cater high demand to handle bigger scaled Information Technology related works. Works including planning, implementation and setting up server room, providing consultation in software as well as recommend computer hardware system to our clients. Together with Mr Henry.Koo; in early 2009, Arckizen Sdn Bhd managed to fully setup a full scale, high end server room for a subsidiary of a reputable financial company. Today, Debiz Enterprise and Arckizen SB collaborate together as ONE to provide a complete Information Technology solution to all our customers and partners.

Service Experience

CAD Solution - With vast experience in handling CAD software started from AutoCAD V10, Itellicad 98 and progeCAD 2007 till todate; we can deliver CAD (Computer Aided Design) solutions to all with confidence. CAD has been in used intensively for the past 20 years and already the De-Facto software for many industries.

Custom Made Computer - Specialized in customized personal computers to suit each individual needs. Qualified team of IT Engineers dedicated in building, fittings and repairing personal computers based on customers requirement. Customers may also obtain consultations in suitable models based on each request.

IT Consultations and Services - Set of consultants specialized in providing services in design, build and implementations for IT Network Infrastructures and Software; examples: home, office or building network infrastructures (Local Area Network), different location office network (Wide Area Network) and Cabling works.

Our customers are from Architects, Engineers, Surveryors, Manufacturers, Developers, Education Providers, Advertisers and many others.

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