Point Of Sales (POS) Consultant

We specialised in POS consultation, implementation, configuration, programming & maintenance. Our past projects includes POS system for restaurants, fresh markets & retail shops. We are actively involved in daily programming whereby we update & make changes to menu and/or products for our customer as an outsourced vendor.

The reason being a 3rd party vendor for POS was to maintain POS system integrity & minimised mishandling among the staff.

We are either make changes online and/or stationed on site for a couple of hours per-week or every fortnightly. This is according to individual agreement.

POS Systems

Below are some of the POS system that we are involved with at present.

Agilysys POS

Zeoniq POS

Epoint POS

POS Market

POS System Outsource

Why outsource your POS system updates & configurations to vendor like us? We provide outsourcing for your POS system with safe hands from unwanted changes to the system without consent from your management. It is part & parcel of our service to maintain an operation standards to the POS system as well as daily operations. This is especially true for restaurants & retail outlets. Here are some points to consider:-

  • control of unwanted changes to the system configuration.
  • proper sop (standard operation procedure) being followed.
  • no favor & no hanky-panky.
  • check & balance.
  • standardization of item codes in system.
  • avoid unnecessary changes in item pricing or discounts grouping.
  • check system health on regular basis.